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My 4 year old male ferret has just developed watery puffy eyes and bumps all over his body.  His appetite is fine and he is drinking and using the bathroom normally.  The only other out of the ordinary things I have noticed is occasional sneezing and he has not been sleeping in his hammock but instead on the floor or shelf of his cage. This has only been since the summer that he hasn't slept in his hammock and it is fur lined.  My husband has been taking him out to play in the yard so I don't know if maybe he has an allergy issue or what.  Any advice?

PLEASE have this ferret examined by an exotics vet as soon as possible.  This situation is far too urgent to get a reply from the internet.  Your ferret will need a thorough exam and blood tests to determine the cause of these symptoms.  It is very possible he could be extremely ill, however, so I recommend you get him
In as soon as possible. There are several things that can cause these symptoms, but since they are so serious I would do your ferret a disservice to even attempt a diagnosis. I apologize but it id just not fair to him to attempt to diagnose this with lack of information.  The symptoms you describe could very well be life threatening and he needs a thorough hands on exam immediately. Ferrets can go from 'normal' to dead in a short time.  Your ferret appears to be far from
normal, so I hope and pray you will take this advice seriously and act immediately.  Until you can get him to a vet on Monday, as long as he does not develop further symptoms, you may give him CHILDRENS LIquid benedryl drops 5ml every 6-8 hours to try to relieve some of the swelling. Also, be sure he is eating and drinking fresh water regularly.  Feed warmed chicken or turkey MEAT ONLY baby food from
your fingertip if he is not eating regularly.  Any change in symptoms, stopping eating/drinking/pooping/peeing, please find any emergency vet who can infuse subcutaneous fluids (under the skin) to hold him over till Monday.  You might also want to give him a warm bath in Johnsons Baby Shampoo (rinse twice) to remove any allergens in his fur/eyes.  These suggestions will only help IF his symptoms are due to allergy (somewhat unusual, but worth a try).put clean blankies on his bed, remove and wipe put any dust from any wood shavings or other bedding other than clean blankies.  Wood shavings or other bedding can cause eye swelling/infections, etc.   Let him get lots of gentle cuddling, rocking in rocking chair, basically treat h as a sick child, treat symptoms until he gets a good diagnosis.  You will be lucky if it is only an allergic reaction.

Best of luck to you and him.  I will have you both in my thoughts and prayers.  Would you please update me after your vet visit?

Jacquie Rodgers


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