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My ferret die lest nite she was ten years old she was a sweet girl , by seven o'clock lest nite she star  screaming like she have a lot of pin  , I did to hold her in my arm she cam down that's who she starts screaming again and she continue to she die I don't want  to bring her to the vet because I know  was her time to go  , :( but why she scream ?

Dear Tania,

I am very sorry for your loss.  Your little ferret was very old.  You must have taken very good care of him, for him to have lived so long.  

I can't answer your question.  I do not know the reason for his behavior.  Just know that you gave him a good life while he was with you.  He is at peace now and will always be in your heart.

Warm Regards,


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