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Hey, I really really need help. I'll try to keep this short so if I miss anything please just ask so you can give me the best advice possible. Thank you in advance.

I had two ferrets, one died. A while later we bought a new ferret to keep the older one company. I researched the best ways to introduce new ferrets but no what I do they do not get along.
The new one (Rolo) has been spayed, they both are, but rolo is very energetic and it's constantly beating up the older one ( Einstein ), when he clearly doesn't want to play. There has been bleeding so I know it's not just playing. It all very violent and Einstein who is usually very quiet, screams, and Rolo always goes for the ears, eyes, or nose/general face. I'm not sure what to do to help the situation.
The newer one alway picks on the cats to, he actively tries to start fights, he seems to be a bit of a bully.
The ferrets have been together about 4 months, and the younger is about 6 months old. They are both male.
Any help or advice is well apriciated, I just don't know how to help. The older one seems so depressed these days.
I just really need help.

Thank you,
Katie Crozier

Hopefully by now things have settled down.  Often a young ferret can be too much for an older one - just too much energy.  It may be that for a while the younger ferret gets individual play time and you can wear him out a bit, then let the older one out.  


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