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Ferrets/post ferret depression


I have had ferrets for several years and know the signs of depression for ferrets and have had to deal with it twice so far when one of my fur kids looses their partner in crime. My question is that Rascal had his partner in crime Shadow for over 4 years and was by his side through his diabetes, tumors and CHF. At the end I had to separate them for the last month due to how far Shadow's condition deteriorating condition. I saw signs of depression in Rascal so I adopted his new buddy Loki. This worked until Shadow passed about a month later. Than Rascal lost patches of hair dropped about 9oz and was lethargic. Than all a sudden about a month and a half later he suddenly put all his weight back on and than some "somewhat Budda shaped"and his energy mostly returned. What is weird and I do not know if it could be a symptom of an underlying issue is his sudden over abundance of under coat. Even his vet stated she never seen that much undercoat on a ferret appear when the ferret never had that much hair before. His bowel movements also sometimes have a jello like quality but is the correct shade of brown. He has been on the same kibble his whole life thus far. (Waysong Epogin 90) He is not die for his next well check until January and seems healthy but I know ferrets health can turn quickly.Do I have any reason to be concerned?

Dear Tiffany,
It sounds like you are doing all you can do for your little fuzzie.  These wonderful little creatures do experience strange things that no one can seem to explain and it's totally exasperating.  I am not a vet so I can only rely on their expertise when these things pop up.  I am soooo sorry I can't offer any advice on this matter for you.  All I can tell you is that if he is eating, drinking, and pooping as usual, follow the advice of your vet.  If you want to do some research, try contacting the University of Florida (or one of the other medical teaching colleges).  Sometimes they are eager to dig into these mysteries.  I sincerely hope you find the answers you are looking for.
Warm Regards,


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