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My 7 year old son fed my ferret about 1/4 cup of raisins yesterday, I went to get her out and she has been limp, won't walk around, and very sick. Is there anything I can do to help her. I am so single mom with kids and really can't afford a vet visit but she is very special to us and it would kill my kid if they lost heor. Any help? Thank you!

Dear Starr,
I strongly suggest you take your little fuzzie to the vet immediately.  Raisins are not a food easily digested by ferrets.  Maybe one or even two a day would be okay, but given the amount you've indicated could be extremely dangerous.  Not only can the raisins cause severe bowel blockage but the sugar content is huge.  The extreme amount of sugar could cause insulinoma (kidney failure).

I am not a vet, so I really can't give you any advice as to what to do, but I would not take the chance that your fuzzie will recover on her own.

Please let me know how she does, as I am concerned for you and your precious little friend.

Warm Regards,


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