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Hi Janet!
I habe a 7 year ferret and at night he salivates to where his french Paes are drench. He scratches at his mouth and that's when he salivates. He wont drink water but will lick my hand. Doesn't happen every night. He's fine during the day and has his energy. can you please help? Thank you!

Hello Amanda,

Well, I've never used the term you mentioned, but I think I have the idea.  Your little fuzzie is aging and sometimes older ferrets begin to exhibit unusual behavior.  However, your little buddy should not be salivating as he is.  It could be as simple as a tooth problem but I strongly suggest you have a vet look at him, especially at his age.

I truly wish I could help you more, dear, but I am not a vet and would hate to mislead you.  The vet will pinpoint the issue and hopefully solve the problem.  Better be safe than sorry.

Please keep me posted on your progress.  I am sincerely concerned for you and your precious little fuzzie.

Warm Regards,


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