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Ferrets/Water dragging and splashing


QUESTION: I keep my ferret in my room next to my bed. I let him out to play every day around the house and at night i put him in the cage.  i wake up to him banging on the cage and hissing. i dont know how to get him to stop. he had everything he needs in the cage, food, water, liter, toys, etc. I dont understand why he wants out so badly at night. I cant let him out because ive only had him for a week and im not completely comfortable with him yet. He usually bangs for 30-45 mins until he gives up. Also, he splashes in his water dish until the water is completely gone. Why is this? Thank you!

ANSWER: Dear Ann,

I know exactly what you're talking about.  Since he's new, he's not yet settled into a regular routine.  If play time is at the same time (consistently) he'll realize that he'll soon be let out of his cage.  Until then, he's going to exhibit his displeasure at being caged.  I had one that would bite and tug at the cage (it worried me) but he'd soon give up and crawl into his hammock.

Try putting his cage in a different room (he'll be fine).  You can also try folding and draping a small bed sheet or table cloth over the cage at night.  Just make sure the cloth is something he can't get his claws tangled in.

Let me know how it goes, Love.

Warm Regards,

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QUESTION: My ferret also likes to splash in hus water dish and drag it around the room. Why does he do this?

Dear Ann,

Splashing in the water is great fun!  Most ferrets just love it.  The only suggestion I can offer is to put down a small plastic litter pan and put about an inch of water in it.  Hopefully he'll play for a while and then move on to other playthings.  Just make sure you towel dry him when he's finished.  I do NOT recommend hair dryers because the little fuzzies can be so easily burned.  Ah yes, the joys of owning a ferret.  

Remember a ferret's attention span is about as large as a gnat.  They always have to have something to do.  It's wonderful that your fuzzie gets out of his cage often.  That is really important.  And, I really think that once he realizes he'll have plenty of free play time during the day, he'll sleep better at night.  Don't give in to him; nighttime is for sleeping.  I know, it takes a LOT OF PATIENCE.  Bless your heart for being such a compassionate owner.

Fond Regards,


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