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I am a new owner of a single ferret, Monstar. He has the run of the house when I am home, which is more than the typical job allows. My concern is loneliness. He does explore on his own when I am busy (I also work at home), but he does't display the typical ferret behavior I expected. He is only about 6 months old and his eating is fine. It is just that he is much more content to lay in my arms or have me carry him around (he loves to lay his head over my arm for an upside down view of the world or so I can rub under his chin). I LOVE the fact that he is SO sweet, but other than exploring, he doesn't seem to play unless I interact with him. I also worry about his weight due to inactivity. Is there more I can do to encourage him to play on his own?

There are some great articles online for Ferret Enrichment that will help you find interactive things for him to do.  Most ferrets also enjoy cat toys, especially balls with bells etc although I wouldn't leave him unsupervised.  Ferrets certainly do well with other ferrets, but it seems like Monstar enjoys time with you!


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