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Ferrets/Scented or descented?


I'm considering buying a ferret. Some sources say removing the scent sac from a ferret opens it up to medical problems, but others say it could prevent health issues. So which is it? Should I but a descented ferret or a scented one?

Hello Brooke,

All of my ferrets have been de-scented and I've never had a problem with them.  Remember though, they do have their own scent even after de-scenting (just as a dog, horse, or any animal would have).

I've been told they are better off health-wise if de-scented and I'm inclined to believe that.

I wish you well and you enjoy your new fuzzy pet.  If further questions arise, please let me know.  I'll help in any way I can.

Warm Regards,


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I've raised ferrets very successfully for approximately twelve years. I usually kept three at a time. I presently have one. I've tried a variety of cages, habitats, toys, treats.

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