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Ferrets/Loss Sylvester to Lymphoma


Ed Obert wrote at 2016-05-08 03:13:39
Hello Janet,

Its been 6 months since his passing and Sweetie, Samantha and Ella are doing well. I still feel a piece missing while I watch them play. However I think they are adapting well. It's hard for me still some days when I wish I had him back. I just wish I could tell how my babies are feeling. I look at them and they are back playing and entertaining themselves. But I still feel the loss at times.


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Janet Russek


I can answer questions re: Feeding(keeping that body weight up) General Care, Safety, Behavior, Best Cages, Proper Toys, Dangers to Ferrets (ferret proofing your home), Play Area/Room Suggestions.


I've raised ferrets very successfully for approximately twelve years. I usually kept three at a time. I presently have one. I've tried a variety of cages, habitats, toys, treats.

Highschool grad with some college.

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