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Ferrets/ferret dry heaving


Hi. We have a female ferret about 2 - 2 1/2 years old. Shes vomited a few weeks ago and had not very much bowel movement. Took her to vet, she had a temp & Dr. thought she had viral infection. Prescribed meds for about a week. Finished meds about three days ago. Acts ok, except seems to tire rather quickly. Saw her dry heaving pretty bad today. Humidity in house is high so put room humidifier in room. Doesnt seem to be sensitive in stomach or lower intestines area. Could it be dry humidity? Taking her back to vet on Monday. Concerned til then...

Dear Randall,
Sorry for the delay.  I've been away.  However I must let you know that I am not a vet.  You should make a call to the vet who's treating your little fuzzie.  She could be in distress for a number of reasons and I certainly would not want to make a wrong poor judgment call.  I sincerely hope all works out well.

So sorry I could not help you on this issue.

Warm Regards,


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