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Hi Janet,
My name is Merissa, we got a ferret about 3 years ago, we got him not knowing how old he is or how his health is, anything. We could feel his ribs, and now he is very well taken care of, he had a perfect life here. Recently, he's been acting kind of odd. I came home from work one day and my mom was crying because she thought he was dying, he was being very slow, breathing slow, and was just laying there. I held him for a while and gave him water, he jumped up and wanted to eat, drink, and walk around. So we thought, maybe he's just getting old. Today, about 10 minutes ago my dogs were just staring at him and I thought Hey what are gou boys doing, I found my ferret, Leo, just laying there flat out, his neck looked very very stiff, like when a person has a sore neck from sleeping wrong. I picked him up and tried to put him in his bed, and shortly after we started to make noises, like he was in pain, so I picked him up and Kaye's I'm flat on the coach and put a towel on him to keep him warm. He then started to move his neck, not bending but, like he was sort of banging his head on the pillow, my mom believed he was having a seizure. I told her I think we should take him to the vet, does it seem like something serious? Like I should prepare for bad news? Should I do something in the mean time for Leo?  So he isn't in pain?
Thank you for your time,
Merissa Rodriguez.

Hello Melissa,

I truly believe you should get your little fuzzie to a vet, especially since we don't know how old he is.  There are sooo many issues that could be the root of his problem.

I wish I could give you some encouraging advice but I am not a vet and not qualified to advise you medically. Please don't delay a visit to the vet.  When these little guys get sick they can go down hill rapidly.

I sincerely wish you and your precious little friend well.  If I can help you in the future, I will be here.

Warm Regards,


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