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Ferrets/Waardenburg Syndrome.


Someone told me my ferret could have Waardenburg Syndrome.  what is this?
Also, he has two dots on his ear. They look like freckles.Can you tell me what that is from? thanks you.

Sorry for the delay in response.  All Experts was having a problem with a time out each time I tried to send my answers.  So I had to wait until the problem was fixed in order to get back to you.

Blaze ferrets—those with a white stripe between the ears down to the nose—are also plentiful. In many (but not all) blazes, the white stripe is associated with Waardenburg syndrome, which typically results in deafness. For the same reason, panda ferrets (a genetic mutation in which the blaze's white “stripe” covers the entire head) are often deaf, too. Deaf ferrets pose potential behavioral and training problems.
Deafness in ferrets is usually a genetic defect caused by Waardenburg syndrome, which results in the underdevelopment of the hearing mechanism of the inner ear. In ferrets with Waardenburg syndrome, deafness is genetically linked with white markings on the face. Generally, this affects ferrets with "blaze" markings (a white "badger stripe" on top of the head and a white bib) and those with "panda" markings (a white head and bib, with no mask). It's estimated that 75 percent of badger and panda ferrets are deaf.
Waardenburg syndrome can also be present in dark-eyed whites like Bobbin. (Albino ferrets—also called red-eyed whites—have abnormally small hearing mechanisms in their middle and inner ear; they can be hard of hearing but are not usually deaf.) Unfortunately, the attractive color patterns of dark-eyed whites, badgers, and pandas make these ferrets highly sought after, and breeders do not always test for deafness, which can be difficult to determine.

If your ferret has two blue dots tattooed in his right ear, chances are he's from Marshall Farms, a large breeder located in Western New York.  They tattoo one dot when the ferret is spayed or neutered and the other when it's descented.  Several other breeders also mark dots
in their kits' ears, so a tattooed ferret may not be from MF.


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