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Poodle wrote at 2011-09-17 03:09:56
In March I went to a Specialist in Vet Dermatology as my show poodle was itching and losing coat fast.   He was diagnosed with Microsporum Gypseum -ringworm.

He is now cleared ( August) and it has taken me this long.   

Treatment - Griseofulvin Tabs for 6 weeks

Weekly Lime sulphur 4% dips or Malaseb Shampoo if you cant stand the smell and discolooration of the coat but cure will take longer.   (I used Malaseb as the Lime Sulphur dips faded badly his black coat.)   Do this for 6 weeks then have 2 weeks break and start the Treatment again for a further 6 weeks.   My poodle has only just started to grow back her coat again.   My other show poodles did not contact the disease.  

Anonymous wrote at 2014-08-20 10:03:33
Be careful! Tea tree oil is a neurotoxin to dogs.  It must be very very diluted if used at all!!

robin wrote at 2014-09-02 03:23:49

Tea tree oil is toxic for both dogs and cats. DO NOT use tea tree oil to treat your pets!!! You can easily confirm this is true by doing an online search regarding the toxicity for pets.


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