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Fetishism/My boyfriend's daddy daughter fetish


daddyskitten wrote at 2012-01-17 18:28:07
I dont agree with the above answer my other half and i daddy/daughter rp but he has never looked at my kids sexually and never will he isnt a pedo but there is a special bond between him and i because of our rp  

Anon wrote at 2013-04-08 17:17:10
I totally disagree with this answer..

I have a daddy daughter fetish but i would never EVER have sex or do anything sexual with my dad.

Nor have i fantasized about it.

The reason i like it is because its a control thing. I like the feeling of being controlled.

I also like it because it's forbidden.

My boyfriend also has the same fetish (im actually the one who got HIM into it) and he likes it as mich as i do and likes it for the same reasons i do. (But reversed of course)

The thing is, is that i completely trust him. I know that he would never fantasize about our future daughter just like he trusts that i would never even come close to fantasizing about my own father..

It's just kinky. Not everyone is into kink.


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