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I'm 34, straight, married, male. Father of two. Since childhood I have great interest to receive injection im buttocks from a female doctor. I grew up in india, and during 70s & 80, more shots were administered in india, mostly in the buttocks. Initially I did not find it strange. However, when I realised, it was rather a bit late. I always fantasize getting a shot in the bottom from a female nurse/doctor and further have sex with her. Till date it nevr happened. I had the guts to discuss this with my wife(non medical), she could understand my feelings, but could do nothing much, except she requested me to forget the thoughts. She perhaps doesnt know the gravity, I nevr further discussed with her and now thinks that i'm no more having the fetish.
Please tell me, am I wiered? I kind of feel little shame to consult a psycologist.
Will this affect me?

Nurse checks him out
Nurse checks him out  

Gonna get examined!
Gonna get examined!  
It is not up to me to decide if you are weird; that is very subjective.  Consulting a Psychologist may not be what you need to do unless it really bothers you.  Really - you should probably seek out a professional dominatrix who understands medical fetish - and explore your fantasy.  This will not be am easy task but it is obtainable.


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Have steady "patients" and Doctors/Nurses who like to fulfill their fantasies. My "specialty" is in providing "newbies --- the curious" with an environment to experience their fantasy and to explore their curiosity without the fear of being rejected, laughed at, thought to be weird, etc. Many females are curious about becoming aroused during a GYN exam OR they want to be the Doctor/Nurse and find the man's prostate. I have helped them all . . .

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