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Not sure if this is a fetish or not.  We like to role-play in bed like many married couples.  Sometimes we pretend that I'm in a threesome with another man, or having sex with another guy.  

I like to be spanked/have my as slapped during sex and called things like a slut or whore while acting out having six with another guy.   It helps our fantasy for me to hear the comments, and for him to say it. I love it when performing oral sex, for him to use my vibrator in my vagina and ask me if I like doing it with two cocks.

Are these normal types of fantasies, or does this mean we are heading down the path of adding someone else to our bed?

It really doesn't matter how normal your thing is. A lot of people diverge from the impossibly vanilla in totally different ways and to totally different extents. You can totally enjoy the fantasies your having just like you're having them. You can add a fucking machine like this one: http://www.extremerestraints.com/fucking-machines_48/the-plow-fucking-machine_69 to your play if you feel like it.
 You can add someone else to your bed if you and your partner want it, but it's not an inevitable end to where you're at now. Adding other people adds complications to your life. No amount of toys and gear add the emotional risks that including another person does. So you might be at the perfect level of high satisfaction and low risk that works for you. Adding another person will change that equation. Whether you want to go there is up to you and your husband.

 Good luck.  


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If your fetish involves gear I can take it on. From electrosex to medical play I'll give you the best shot I can. I deal with some of the strangest things on an everyday basis and would be glad to help answer any question you might have, no matter how crazy or mundane. *New* If you're under 18, I'm no longer answering your questions. I understand that most people lose their virginities before they're 18, and that getting good advice, or even treated seriously as a sexual being can be problematic, but I'm not comfortable that the 12 year olds or such who are asking questions are always really 12 year olds and not strange old men or FBI agents. So, for any underage kids thinking of asking questions, here's my response up front: Use condoms (you aren't ready to have sex if you can't buy condoms), and don't do anything you're uncomfortable with.


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