Hello I am looking to get into resus rp any idea where i could find a doc to work on me

Sedation prior to "procedure"
Sedation prior to "pro  

Sedation after the "procedure"
Sedation after the "pr  
Hello, John:

From what I've seen, that is up there - pretty highly specialized fetish/fantasy - so your search may be tough!  I also note that you are in the United States and, from what I've seen, it seems as though your better chances for success may be over in Europe.

You're going to really have to troll along the various sites and blogs to find it, such as


DO NOT subscribe to http://www.alt.com or any site affiliated with it because, although it looks good, it is nothing but a rip-off in the end.

Although the possibility of success gets even lower here, it might not be a bad idea to also stay "active" by posting at http://www.craiglist.org but associated SPAM runs pretty high so I'd suggest an e-mail account that you maintain exclusively for your roleplay interests.

Many years ago - around 1997-2000, I had the fortunate experience to know of a place where there was interest in anesthesia being administered as part of medical fantasy roleplay.  That lead to the making of the PLAY DOCTOR video "Mr. Lee Visits the Clinic" #two pictures below from that video#.  That place has come and gone and the people involved with it have vanished.  It was also primarily M/M play, so that also be  factor for you.

Best wishes in your search!



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Have steady "patients" and Doctors/Nurses who like to fulfill their fantasies. My "specialty" is in providing "newbies --- the curious" with an environment to experience their fantasy and to explore their curiosity without the fear of being rejected, laughed at, thought to be weird, etc. Many females are curious about becoming aroused during a GYN exam OR they want to be the Doctor/Nurse and find the man's prostate. I have helped them all . . .

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