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Fetishism/Psychology behind fetishes


I am intrigued by the psychology behind sexual fetishes (namely associated with BDSM), where can I find information to help feed my curiosities?

Hi Mary
there are a lot of books on sale concerning the psyche see Amazon for instance. If you need to exchange emails on various aspects of fetishes then I am happy to engage in that. Freud also dealt with fetishes in some of his works.
Usually a lot of the interest stems from childhood or adolescent access to erotic works. You could also look for Marquis de Sade works that may throw more light on various aspects of the scene.



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Chris Norris


Hello. I am a doctor of psychology and am able to answer questions on fetishes. This covers the following areas 1. Why we are interested them? 2. Why do we need them? 3. Are they all good? 4. Are they all bad? 5. Should we be open with our partners about our fetish? I am not judgemental and will answer any question in a professional and courteous way


I have spent over 20 years in the field of psychology, treating patients in age ranges from mid teens to senior citizens covering many behavioural problems from OCD, ADHD. I have also helped deliver CBT to individuals and groups

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