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Im a healthy 23 year old man, I broke up with my girlfriend a year ago and have had a couple of flings since then. But a few weeks ago I met this latina woman, she's 29, I always liked slightly older women who are curvy. She's beautiful, amazing face, big boobs, big ass, everything a guy would want in a woman. But the thing is since the first time we had sex something very strange has been going on. On the very first day, we were watching a movie at my place when she went to get popcorn from the kitchen, then when she returned she sat on my lap. This gave me an instant boner and made me go red in the face, she asked, aw cant you concentrate on the movie with me on you? I said not really and we kissed, then after two minutes I started feeling her ass and spanked it, we kissed again and she got up and took my shirt off, I undressed her as well. She then said I know what you like, and pushed me back down on the couch. I said okay surprise me, she brought lubricant and started to apply alot of it on me, which made me wonder what she plans on doing. Then she sat on my knees back towards me and started stroking me, I was getting very very erect, the sight of her big butt made me feel as if I was going to pass out, I felt her ass up rubbed some lube on it, and then she simply sat on top of my erect penis and slowly let it go all the way in her ass. she stopped moving around and just sat there wiggling her butt slowly, I tried and I tried but I couldnt thrust her, she's 5ft 6 and 60kg but in that position I couldnt budge her. In just a matter of minutes I ejaculated, and she got off and said now I know what you have a strong fetish for. Since then she simply sits on my boner and makes me ejaculate in a few minutes without me having to move a muscle, or her having to do much. She feels too heavy on my lap like that but I really like it and the way her ass stimulates my penis is amazing. Is it that I have a big butt fetish or does she have a lap sitting fetish?

If you want to call  it a fetish I guess you can. It just sounds to me that you both are into anal sex. Try asking her to do it in a different position and see if she is still into it. She may do doing it the way she does so that she can control it better. Talk more to her about it. Good luck


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