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I am a male in my mid twenties.

I have strong fetish for girls in uniform and mini-skirts. Whenever I had my sight on them, I will be aroused and get a hard-on, and have strong urge to jerk off, many time fantasizing that I am having pleasure with them, There also also times whereby I try to get the uniforms and skirts that looks appealing to me, especially when it belongs to some pretty owners, to help me masturbate and unloading on them and sometimes fantasizing them wearing them back. This really satisfy my pleasure and I feels very good after that.

Moreover, I also can't resist watching pornographic films to masturbate also and many of the times, I masturbate with photos on Facebook too. (Girls photos that are not nude). Some girls are even the one that I know of. There are numerous times where I do that 3-4 times a day.

I get horny easily whenever I am alone, in the office, at home, or even driving and tends to feel like unloading on either skirts or by fantasizing on girls, might be even stranger I saw on the road, or even friends that I know of.

Is it fine doing all this? Please advice.

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Schoolgirl auto repair  

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Schoolgirl Medical  
Although this is not within my particular area of fetish or specialty, I can tell you that everybody has something that turns them on.  There are two things, however, where you need to be very careful:

1)  If you find yourself taking clothes from other people, and;

2)  If you find your self spending too much time doing this such that other things in your life aren't getting done and/or you are always distracted.



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Have steady "patients" and Doctors/Nurses who like to fulfill their fantasies. My "specialty" is in providing "newbies --- the curious" with an environment to experience their fantasy and to explore their curiosity without the fear of being rejected, laughed at, thought to be weird, etc. Many females are curious about becoming aroused during a GYN exam OR they want to be the Doctor/Nurse and find the man's prostate. I have helped them all . . .

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