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Fetishism/Impossible vore fetish and having a girlfriend


Hello, XR, and thank you for reading my question,
I am a 20 year old, heterosexual male, and I have a vore fetish (specifically, a beautiful woman swallowing me or others whole and alive).  It is not a incredibly strong fetish, I can usually get off to women normally, but it does dominate around half of my sexual mind.  (For this reason my past psychologist claims it isn't a sexual fetish, because I can get off without it).  I, altogether, would prefer my fantasy if it were possible over our reality, but since it isn't I go for what is "normal."
I have a girlfriend, who I find extremely attractive, who I have been with for almost three years, and I feel that she is uneasy about my fantasy.  We have had sex, and in the process I didn't need to imagine a vore themes.  In sometimes though, I ask her to whisper into my ear vore situations, and that guarantees an orgasm.  But when she does this, I feel like she feels as though she isn't enough for me, not happy that I get off to something that she does that isn't her natural self (which I get off to more than half the time I am with her).
The internet has been good at satisfying my fantasies, but recently, my girlfriend has asked me to stop looking at porn altogether.  She says it is so I will have a stronger sexual drive for her.  I love her very much, and have been refraining from going on the internet for sexually exciting content.  Before this, I would commonly masturbate 6-4 times a week. I am on a full-time schedule at school, and do not get to see my girlfriend as frequently as my urges arise, and do not fulfill them whenever we see each other either.
I have been getting urges to view vore related content at least once a day for the week I have refrained from looking at it.  My thoughts become clouded with vore related thoughts and all I want to do is satisfy myself with vore content, alas I have been able to refrain myself.

So my questions are:
Do I have an addiction to sexual content?
Should I satisfy my fetish?
How often should I look at fetish material, if I should at all?
Is it okay to please myself sexually without my girlfriend?

Any other things you feel you should address would be nice as well, thank you for your time.

 You have a sex drive. It drives you towards things that satisfy it. Wanting things isn't an addiction.
 To all of your other questions. Your girlfriend should not get to dictate how and how often you please yourself where it does not impact her. Maybe she could fairly ask you to abstain a number of days before you see her so you're adequately horny. That could be valid.
 If she is into controlling your masturbation, well that's another branch of kinkiness entirely. That usually involves chastity devices.
 In short, vore or no vore, your girlfriend doesn't get to veto your masturbation where it doesn't involve her unless that's what you guys are into.


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