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Hello  Jessica
         I am a male of 62 thin built and look younger
I have loss a lot of hair on top AND WEAR GLASSES and.  I am a loner But need a women girlfriend.    I do cross dress at home with a couple of pretty dresses plus all the other women clothes.  I try to do my own make up and have a human hair wig shoulder length that looks real me.   I do wear make up and my long wig to stores sometimes.    I have had ladies put make up onme in the stores too early in the mornings when they are not busy.  They seem to  like formalizing me too.     I LOVE WEARING DRESSES because I LOVE WEARING  WHAT ALL THE PRETTY WOMEN WEAR.   I am average height and wear glasses  But could you tell me what kind of dress would look the best on me?  I   prefer long sleeves and a high neck or the cute short sleeve dresses.   Also WHY DO women SALES CLERKS always seem to know the women clothes are for  me   Is it because I AM SORT OF SMALL BUILT NOT TO STRONG .   I wear a size 12   Dress barn girls always take me in a back room to try their dresses on and check the fit too.  I WEAR GLASSES TOO  so I HAVE TO WEAR DARK COLOR EYE MAKE UP.      is there any hope for me with a girl friend.   I AM SO SHY AROUND THEM AND HAVE NEVER MARRIED...    I WOULD LOVE A TALL GIRL TALLER THEN ME       CLERKS IN THE STORES ARE REAL NICE TOO

Let me answer what I can...

"WHY DO women SALES CLERKS always seem to know the women clothes are for me"
It's probably not because of your body shape or looks, but your mannerisms & body language.

When I was "not open" about my lifestyle, i was the same when shopping.
There is a body language that easily says you are nervous about buying clothes because they are for yourself.

"could you tell me what kind of dress would look the best on me?"
Sorry, I am not a fashion consultant.
I know my own style quite well.
Only because I opened up about who I am & explored alot of areas.
As well as I had female friends to help, after I opened up.
But everyone's style is different depending on who they are
not just body shape.

"is there any hope for me with a girl friend."
By asking these questions it is a good start.

The best advice I can give is to you is this:
There are a couple of things to try:
1. dating sites. there are a number of "open minded" & "alternative lifetstyle" sites
2. life coach / life balancing. If you can find an open minded one, they can help change you internally to me more open & confident.

That's about as best an answer as I can give



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