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My fiance and I have been together for close to 4 years, we have always had a pretty close relationship and I thought there was nothing left to tell. But about a year ago he told me he was REALLY into transgenders (Im sorry upfront if I use any terms wrong, I know some people get offended and I really dont know what the right one is). At first I was not sure what to think of it, there were NEVER any signs before and he very randomly came out and said it. After a while I got into it and he began talking about his interests alot more.
  Its almost like he is so relieved to let it out to someone, he says Im the only one he has ever told about it. Im very happy he told me and I have accepted his interest and even began to take an interest in it myself. But Im emailing you because Im worried he is getting a little crazy with it.
  Now that Im ok with it he is on numerous trans forums, he is always on backpages looking for and at escorts, and he has already hooked up with one and is constantly looking for another, one thats dominant this time. He also wants me to join them. Im not sure why but something makes me worry that he is taking this way to far.
  Should I be worried?

When someone has a "hidden interest" in something and finally lets it out to someone...
It's like breaking the dam on a river.

Moderation & control

It's a matter of sitting down with him & being honest about your opinions.
If you are OK with this interest of his, set some rules & boundaries.
If you work on it together, then it wont continue getting out of control



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