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Location: Sydney
Age: 54
sex: male
184cm, 74kg, circumcised, white (ie European type)

I consider myself to be a reasonable normal male in most respects (ie within the 5th and 95th percentile) but I know that if I were a doctor, and I had to do a gyno-type exam on a female under 70 years of age that wasn't downright ugly, I'd find it very erotic. Now this may seem like a silly question, but am I abnormal? But if I'm normal, how normal? To phrase that another way: do the majority of male doctors get horny doing such exams? Or are they just too professional for that? (I find the latter too hard to believe. But maybe it's just that I'm kinky.)
Another related question: Aside from fantasy fiction and porno videos, how many real women (patients) get a thrill out of being examined by real doctors? And how many are dreadfully embarrassed by the experience?
I'm very curious to know how my emotions stack up against others.

Nervous Anticipation
Nervous Anticipation  

Undressing For The Exam
Undressing For The Exa  
I think that your thoughts may be within the "normal" range -then again, that opinion comes from somebody who is also interested in MedFet.

To answer your 1st question - I think you will find it to be VERY RARE that any male medical professional would get aroused doing an examination.  They are not programmed that way and it is all 100% professional.  How do I know? -- From being aorund a number of close friends who are doctors.

As to your 2nd question - there are some females who get aroused.  The majority of them, however, pay it no mind, or actually do not like it --- not from embarassment but from discomfort.

Hope that this helps ---



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