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Fetishism/A sign of sexual empathy?


There's this scene in the most recent Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" where the villain named Bain sets off an explosion which causes damage to various areas of Gotham City and one of the areas which got damaged was a football field where a game had just started. Much of the football field collapses downward in a deep hole due to the explosion and, unfortunately, the football players couldn't outrun the collapsing ground underneath them and all of them, except for just one, fell into the deep hole but the movie didn't actually indicate whether or not if those football players died from being basically swallowed by the hole. However, I suspect that those football players probably did die. Of course I realize this is just a movie but sometime after watching that scene I masturbated to the thought of having seen those beautiful and sexy football players basically getting swallowed by the hole in the football field, and I'm thinking that perhaps I masturbated out of a sexual concern for those guys, and it also caused me to have masturbation fantasies where in my fantasy a guy I like would be wearing the football gear and falling to his death from being swallowed by a hole in a football field. Of course I would never actually want this to happen to any guys I find attractive it's just that when it comes to my various gay fantasies my mind works in strange ways. I'm pretty sure I'd be totally devastated if any sexy guys, including football players, were to fall to their deaths into a deep hole because I care deeply about guys I'm sexually attracted to and sexy guys ESPECIALLY football players DO NOT deserve to die from being swallowed by a hole like what happened in "The Dark Knight Rises", instead, they deserve to live happy and sexually fulfilling lives and I wish all the best for guys I think are beautiful and sexy. The questions I have are; 1)Based on how I explained the scene where those guys fell into the hole, do you also think that they most likely died? 2)Since I mentioned how that scene made me masturbate, do you also think that this is in fact a sign of sexual empathy I had for those football players? 3)Does this perhaps count as a sexual fetish since I got horny from seeing those good-looking guys get swallowed by the hole?

Hi david

I am not sure the outcome of such activities of falling into a hole. There are so many ohe external factors that a simple answer is not possible. Some falling in first may be killed by striking what ever is left of the sub mantle. Others may have survived if they fell on their colleagues, using their bodies to cushion the stop and reduce the actual trauma to the anatomy.
I do think you have a sexual fantasy for violence and thepossibility of blood and gore emanating from such a catastrophe.
It is a fetish in a number of ways.
First they are swallowed, imagining them swallowing your hard penis.
Second the opportunity to see damage done to their bodies a mild form of necropsy.
Third the fact that they are completely at some one's mercy.

I hope this helps


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