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Fetishism/dangerous situations


I was sexually abused by my dad and his friends from a very young age. At 13 I was arrested and ended up fighting like mad with the police and it really turned me on, the 6 of them were really rough with me, they pulled my hair, hit me even spit on me. I got out of the handcuffs so they duct taped my wrist and ankles it was wonderful. Ever since then I find myself unable to have "normal" sexual relations, I only get excited with strangers who use extreme force and I have put myself in some situations to make it happen and I just can't seem to get enough. One night 5 men took turns with me, the next day I was bloody, bruised and could barely walk but I went right to a known pervs house for more. I am having a baby and do not want to put her at risk and need to stop but I don't know how.

Hi Emily
I can understand your desire and the need to stop this.
How can you?
Well you have taken the first step now you need to actually talk to someone face to face.
Well if you were in the UK I would suggest talking to psychologists and discuss your needs and get them involved in developing a program to help you through this.
Can you give me your email and I will direct this confidentially to some appropriate individual who can provide the positive support that you need
Please do not disregard this and do get back to me.



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