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Fetishism/Help with a dental hygienist fetish


I have a major dental hygienist fetish. I masturbate to pictures of them cleaning teeth and fantasize about these hygienist cleaning my own teeth.

Lately I have been thinking about taking my fetish to a new level.I want to try to impersonate the things hygienist do, such as examining, cleaning and polishing. Do you have any suggestions how I could do this? What could I buy? I do not want to spend much money on this.

Another thing, whenever my hygienist speaks to me when she cleans my teeth I get this great feeling tingle that goes all through my body. Do you know any thing that I could listen to that would give me the same feeling/


I can tell you that this is WAY OUTSIDE of my area of expertise BUT ---- you ask how to take your fetish to a new level but you do not want to spend much money on it.  That may be difficult.  Wish I could be of more help, but it is not what I understand.


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