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JoJo wrote at 2013-11-16 07:20:53
Would you be so freaked if he had a fetish for blondes and you were a brunette or he liked 'alt' women and you look 'girl next door'?? Just because this is a less socially acceptable fetish/preference does not mean it is ok to try and 'change him'.

  He is making you uncomfortable by trying to 'feed' you and rubbing your belly and it is fine for you tell him in no uncertain terms that you like your body the way it is and so should he, he should not try and change you and you should not try and change him.

  I had a boyfriend who found my long brown hair and lack of tattoos/piercings 'boring' and he'd make suggestions about how 'hot' I'd look with blue hair and nipple piercings but he also obviously found me incredibly attractive as I am.  I didn't change a jot and told him I'm not his barbie, blow up doll and he cut it out because honestly it's the person people fall for not the hair color.  


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