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Greetings !
Hoping all is well.
I reside in the USA.
At any rate, I am a straight male who unfortunately and as long as I can remember developed a fetish for men's feet.  As a teen I secretly played with a few fellow teen male feet and then I stopped doing it.........till many years later.
I have always been secretly ashamed of this fetish and have long wished to stop having it.  I fear that someday this fetish of mine will be become public record.
How can I go about ending this fetish and are my fears totally unfounded ?  I regret having had this fetish and wish it had never come to me.
I am single and never married--------also battling depression for many things that have gone wrong in my life.
Thanks !

Hi Lance
Battling depression is an issue that must take priority over other things. So do concentrate on that with positive approaches in life.

How can you go about ending this fetish? You fear it will become public record.
Why end it? If you enjoy it and it harms no one then do it. There are many others who enjoy having their feet taken care of, all you need to do is find a reciprocal male who enjoys this and get together.

Consider the fetish as a release mechanism, do not fight it but embrace it. As for it becoming public record, how will that reflect. Lance likes feet, many people like feet and want to have them in their face regularly. That is not a major issue, think positively.
If you do really enjoy the play then consider chiropady as a way forward.

I hope this helps somewhat.


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