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My boyfriend has a strange fetish of fat woman, and it's very hard for me to deal with it since I've never dealt with anyone like that before. I understand that he had been obese and it continued until the age of puberty. He is now 23 years old and diagnosed with ADHD and has to take Adderall, but he is very fit. He is all into mixed martial arts, lifting weights, and eating healthy now. I've always been healthy and I'm very strict with what I eat, and it bothers when I sneaked into his phone and found out that he collects pictures of naked, fat girls. I wouldn't be mad if he has pictures of porn star, but it grossed me out and couldn't believe my eyes. He was upset when I found out because he doesn't share those things with anyone. But he had been honest and told me that it was the main reason why his past relationships were ruined.
    I know why he is the way he is, but it sickens me when he tries to feed me ice cream and fattening foods and would rub my belly while making love. I feel like he wants to turn me into his "ideal" kind of girl. It scares me, sometimes I feel like he has a mental problem and I don't know how I could ever accept it. Dear Chris, is it possible for him to maybe change?

An interesting question indeed.
He doesn't want to change his fantasy about the larger woman and you want him to.
Now for the part called compromise.
He is with you, not a large woman. He takes you to bed and makes love to you not a large woman. He visualises a large person with your face.
He will change but it needs work on both parts.
ADHD is the main concern here because his focus will continually change through medication.You could try to take him out to the beach, to parks etc that have the beautiful people in and let his gaze wander.
Of course buy fashion magazines and constantly ask his opinion of the women inside. It will take some perseverance but you can wean him off this fetish, it just depends how strongly you feel about the relationship that you are in.
I hope this helps


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