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Fetishism/naked in front of maid


i have this fetish about wanting to be naked in front of my black housekeeper, i would walk into the lounge when she is cleaning acting like i dident know she was there, or leave the bathroom door open when she arrives, i want to be naked in front of her when she is cleaning and also masterbate in front of her, when she is there i masterbate in my room and lesve my door open so she can hear me, and also walk around in my boxers that are too small for me with a hard on so she can see, but she has never said anything to me, i want to strip completley naked and be like that for the day when she is there, any suggestions of how i can approach this.

John this could be a major problem if you do progress with this desire.
There are three possible outcomes that could materialise.
1. She could simply ignore you and report your behaviour to the police or family.
2. She could look and then laugh and belittle you
3. She could take an active part and perhaps show more interest in you and your body.

Masturbating near her seems to have done little good, so option number one requires a little planning
Now what you need is a remote dvd player or video connected to your tv
You need a good video that shows full action, single, couple multip;le players etc.
Check the video and see where the hot action is and then set the dvd to pause just before the good action.
Now when she next appears to work, you make sure the dvd is on pause and the tv on. Walk away with the remote and when she starts to work near the tv oops the remote starts the dvd with sound and vision.
Now you return slightly embarassed and see how she is handling the action.
From here on play it by ear.
Is she watching and maybe eyes getting wide?
If so then you need to move forward toward her apologising but maybe your hard on is now building
Please for give me but I am so randy etc  and see if this gets the reuiqred response.

You didn't say how old she is.

Option number two
Digital camera and the gift of the gab.
look you are so beautiful and I have told a friend about you.
He has asked if I can send him a picture.
So if she agrees then deft words to get her to pose, more erotic etc. Then ask her to take your picture
Let me know what you think and by the way I would love a picture of her



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