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How often do you recommend rectal examinations and enemas for adult women in their fifties who are diabetic? I have no children by choice and have gone through menopause. Although most people find it unusual I always have my temperature taken rectally whenever I go to the Doctor for a well person examination.

Rectal Temperature is next . . .
Rectal Temperature is  

Now, it is rectal temperature . . .
Now, it is rectal temp  
Thank you for asking and please, realize that my answer will be from information that I have gathered over the years and not from any specific medical training or certification.

Let's do enemas first.  Just make sure that you are not training your system not to defecate on its own AND not flushing out the "good toxins" with excessive frequency.  I think that once a week and with warm water only would be "safe".  Also, with respect to the expulsion, monitor that so that it is not explosive or else you will run the risk of developing hemorrhoids, and that's never any fun!  Finally, "feed yourself" to insure that the diabetes does not become an issue during the process and you develop a sugar low.  That wouldn't be fun either.

Now, the rectal examination.  I think that the once-a-year during the wellness visit would be sufficient.  That doesn't mean it couldn't be done more often - maybe during "play".  Glad to hear that they take your temperature rectally.  It's certainly the most accurate!

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