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I'm a guy looking to wear School Girl Mary Jane styled shoes in my house for knocjk around girl. I'm not gay or a cross dresser or anything but I always been fond of some female clothing. I just have a sense to know what is possible to be pulled off in public. My problem is I don't know how to size it properly. My actual foot itself is 8". So what would the sizing be? Before that I just wanted to say how hard pulling such a thing would be in a black hood. I'm not saying Black hoods are only cruel, all neighborhoods would be cruel if it came to such a matter that one would lose it. Just wanted you to feel my pain and concern.

Tell me what you think:

Its a tough thing to say what size you would be
the "standard" is 2 sizes bigger from your men's size.
example: men's size 9 would wear a women's size 11
however, this is not the case every time.
Like me.
I wear a men's size 10.
But depending on style, I can wear a women's size 10.
because the width of my foot is thinner than normal.
I have met women with abnormally wide feet that struggle to find shoes.

Best bet...
thrift stores
usually no one cares what you try on.
then you can identify 1st hand what sizes & styles fit.

as for liking just women's shoes, no biggie.
I have a guy friend in Florida who loves leather boots & gloves.
That's all. And is not gay, bi or a cross dresser.
He actually has a custom pair of Italian thigh high women's boots
Cost him at least $800

and as for wearing them outside...
well, it's not recommended.
Enjoy being you & wearing what you want.
Just remember, people quite often suck ass.
Especially if they don't understand something.

personally, i like the 1st link.
Maybe i'll buy a pair of those.



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