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Fetishism/What do you think about guys who wear panties/thongs?


I'm actually considering making the transition myself. Not that I'm gay, cause I'm not. I'm actually a straight [slightly] feminine man. Problem is I live on campus and I'm afraid of someone tampering with my laundry if I don't come back in time for the dryer. However, I'm actually looking at leather. patent leather(I always found patent leather a sexy material, and vynyl panties/thongs. I know it sounds kinky for daily wear, but the strap in the back is spandex/nylon if it's panties then the outside of the front and back is leather/vynyl and the inside(s) are nylon. Ill start off with the super intriguing ones before I actually go down to regular ones. One's I'm looking at though should be comfortable. Some are even crotchless female one's. I don't care. I'm tired of my groin slipping out my boxers/briefs when walking and what not. But tell me. what do you think about men wearing pantes and thongs? I am trying to hide them when I wear them so people don't notice? Like I don't tuck in my shirt except for the Winter cause it be cold. But when it Summer-Fall I don't. I wear skinny-super skinny jeans for the most part and I'm 5'4 and 149 lbs. My gut ain't big but I do have a 34 in. waist. Not sure about hip. I'd like to wear them tight (not too tight) and get the size right on the first order. So what would you recommend?

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I don't consider myself to be an "expert" in this matter, although I do have some thoughts I'll share with you.  As you have observed, you are in a situation where you could be exposed and that would be embarrassing.  What you like, is what you like, and it isn't a problem until it gets in the way of regular daily activities or causes you to not get things done because you are distracted.  Bottom line - if you want to wear panties & thongs, go for it, but just recognize the consequences if you get into a situation  that you can't control ---- for example, suppose you were taken to the hospital?


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