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Fetishism/Is it wrong for men to wear panties/thongs? How can I hide it for daily wear?


I'm actually considering making the transition myself. Not that I'm gay, cause I'm not. I'm actually a straight [slightly] feminine man. Problem is I live on campus and I'm afraid of someone tampering with my laundry if I don't come back in time for the dryer. However, I'm actually looking at leather. patent leather, and vynyl panties/thongs. I know it sounds kinky for daily wear, but the strap in the back is spandex/nylon if it's panties then the outside of the front and back is leather/vynyl and the inside(s) are nylon. Ill start off with the super intriguing ones before I actually go down to regular ones. One's I'm looking at though should be comfortable. Some are even crotchless female one's. I don't care. I'm tired of my groin slipping out my boxers/briefs when walking and what not. But tell me. what do you think about men wearing pantes and thongs? I am trying to hide them when I wear them so people don't notice? Like I don't tuck in my shirt except for the Winter cause it be cold. But when it Summer-Fall I don't. I wear skinny-super skinny jeans for the most part and I'm 5'4 and 149 lbs. My gut ain't big but I do have a 34 in. waist. Not sure about hip. I'd like to wear them tight (not too tight) and get the size right on the first order. So what would you recommend?

Check them out

1st thing...
Deep breaths & relax.
Got that... cool.

thanks for the links.
Didn't have the link!

some actual facts next.
I haven't owned a pair of men's underwear in... umm... at least 10 years.
Love all types of women's undies.
Because even when i'm dressed in my guy mode (which is most of the week, I have a normal job)
I'm still pretty in some way.
No one has ever "caught me" wearing them.

Like you, I am straight. Always have been.

The most important thing I can tell you is to be confident.
So what if someone may see your laundry.
It's honestly none of their business what you wear & what you wash.
Truth is though, way back when I was 1st opening up about my Jessica side, I had mental "excuses" planned.
Just in case any scenario happened.
It's ok to have them.
Remember, the fewer details & shorter the story, the more believable it is.

Also, you would be shocked to the actual number of straight cross dressers out there.
And if you are truly worried about someone catching them in your laundry, hand wash them.

As for actual sizing though... that's a tough one.
Everyone is built differently.
Underwear, you just need to check a web site's measurements and invest in some possible "oops" sizes.
Regular girl clothes... thrift stores & goodwill stores!
Most people at those places really couldn't give a crap what you bring into the dressing room.
And it's a fast  easy way to learn you size of all garments.
But please, don't buy underwear from there. Eww!

Hope I answered your questions.
As well as possibly made you feel more confident about yourself.



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