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I know what full and half sizes are but it's when ordering from Amazon that makes it difficult and especially going to stores that have shoes in Euro sizes. I been putting a lot of money on Amazon the last few weeks and my mom has been wondering why. I'm a Transvestite and I'm struggling ordering shoes with the right size. I recently ordered these school girl shoes and it's not tight, but it's a little too snug and I ordered these 5.5 bondage box toed platform heels and my toes are way too damn cramped and I'm not trying to end up with jammed toes like some women do in their later lives. My grandparents are too curious and wondering why the UPS man is coming by to receive packages from me here and there. My #1 lie is that it's a microphone because I do a lot of stuff with YouTube. That'll be a lot of microphones if I don't get my orders right. What is B(M) and M US? How exactly do I read that? I'm going by rule of thumb to go up by 2 sizes in Womens to get the right fit which is a 10 for me. What's wrong? I'm a 5'4 stature with a foot of 8". My actual bare foot is 8" last time I had a salesperson scale it. I guess you could say my foot is wide, but not majorly wide. It's kinda wide. How do I read shoe sizes?

Also, why is it so hard to find those chunky heeled platform kinda shoes in a womens 10-11 for men? I like those. I could possibly pull that off in the outside and wear at work since I work in a BK. Not like they'll care, right?

I think there's possibility I could pull off wearing these if I could find it in a plus size in a 10-11 range

Note: I would just wear the second ones around the house.

Hey Russell,
 This is tough. Even the same size is inconsistent across brands. Other customers may not care that their toes are crushed. Still, with brand to brand size differences, you may just need to try on a bunch of shoes.
 It's not cheap, but using a store like Zappos with unlimited free returns allows you to buy 4-5 size variations, try them all on, and keep the one that fits best. Why not look into getting more of your normal clothes online, thus necessitating lots of deliveries and returns on a regular basis. If every pair of pants or shirts you buy involves trying and sending three back, you can cover your shoe shopping.  


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