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Long story short, I used to cut myself. I got help and I no longer do so and haven't done so for a long time. Even still, I have scars remaining on alot of places on body. Lately I've been trying to meet new people but when it comes to intimacy I seem to scare alot of people off with my scars. I have tried telling them about my past, why I did it, how I stopped, and that I no longer do it (you know, as a warning), and even though I tell them at a trusting and "safe" part of the relationship, they still run off. I know that my scars won't completely go away for quite sometime, and I've been searching for people who might accept them but the only thing I can think of are people with a fetish for others with scars. Is there such a thing?

So, relationship-wise, you don't need a lot of people. Also, people do lots of dumb stuff in their younger years that they're not super proud of. Scars just stick with you more. Don't treat it like a huge tragedy, but like a stupid thing that you used to be into. If you don't treat it like a big deal, but treat it like something that's no longer a part of your life, and hasn't been for a long time; then maybe they won't see it as a big deal either. I know someone with cutting scars who is a hugely positive person, and just got married to someone extremely nice.
 Don't limit yourself to fetishists. There's nothing wrong with people who find your scars a turn on, but instead consider limiting yourself to people who are grown up enough to not sweat a bunch of scars. Also, focus on the rest of you. You can't change the scars. You can change your career, education, outlook on life, activities, and so much more. Focus on the whole package, and make the scars look less significant in comparison. I don't mean to say you should compensate, but that there's a lot of more important things that go into relationships. Don't let the scars distract you from focusing on being the kind of person people want to be with.  


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