i live being naked at home when my maid is there, i never walk round in  front of her naked or anything, if she is there i will put on a tight pair of boxers and go and speak to her so she can see the outline of my cock, at this stage i am usually semi hard and its quite obvious, reciently i have become more bold and will strip naked go out my bedroom door and swim naked when i know she can see me, i am totally shaved and semi erect, i will then go to my room and masterbate really loud so she can hear me, then shower with the door open then dress and leave if i am home for the day i will stay in my room naked hoping she will catch me, i dont want any sexual relation with her just the thought of being naked with her there or her seeing me naked or even better masterbating is such a turn on.

what should i do?

You are risking a criminal charge here of sexual harassment and a possible criminal record.
You need to talk to your maid in a non professional capacity and explain to her your feelings about her presence in your home. Remember she is there to do a job of work, if you display yourself in front of her you are suggesting to any legal mind that you are trying to re-negotiate your emplyment contract with her and change her position from that of maid to that of prostitute.
Doing that will cause your maid to take action.
May I suggest that you ask your maid if she is embarassed about you walking around the house naked and see what her reaction is?
A simple question and the answer may well sort out your issues once and for all.


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