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I am head over heels for medical/needle play. I've had this desire since I was a little girl due to being in the hospital a lot during my childhood. Being taken care of by attentive nurses and getting that prized visit from my doctor (who almost always appeared sexy to me) made me so happy. Getting stuck by needles took me to a place I couldn't get to any other way. The nurses always had a hard time drawing blood or putting an IV in which resulted in sometimes 18 sticks to get to my tiny veins. As a result, I have a things for those nasty needles and just looking at them in their packaging makes me swoon. I love the feeling of needles going through my skin.
My heart goes thump when I think of being in an exam room, being touched by the cold instruments, smelling the alcohol & antiseptic cleaners, wearing that flimsy road and waiting for my doctor. Even the word “doctor”warms me in my most private places. It's all so wonderful in my head and I long for the day when my dream comes true. I wish to find an experienced, stern doc who would be happy to hear me whimper or watch tears stream down my face as I am overwhelmed with needle sticks or top-layer cuts. I want someone who I know I can trust because he/she knows how to keep the area safe & clean. I wish for someone who likes the dress the part, complete with a labcoat/mad-scientist tunic and little glasses. I want to be taken to the edge of my fantasy so that when I leave, I no longer have anything pent up within me.

Finding someone like this, it sounds so difficult. Even if I find someone who's close to what I'm looking for, they always seem too booked already. I feel like I missed the boat somehow. How do I find someone like that? And when I do, how do you work on building up trust? I don't want to have a boyfriend as a doctor. I want the relationship to stay “doctor/patient” only. On the other hand, I don't mind paying for it, which is what I am seriously considering doing. I think it will give me that feeling of having an appointment and having to pay a medical “bill.” I live on the east coast of the USA and have travel access to places like NY and DC. Trouble is, finding a male doctor. Most dungeons have female doms and while I am bi, in this fetish, a male is preferred. Do you have any suggestions?

I am able to answer your question(s) and I am able to help you.  The first thing I would suggest that you do is to visit the PLAY DOCTOR website -  and complete the PRE-EXAMINATION form.  Better yet - go to where you are able to get a WORD version so you can complete the form and return it with as much information as possible.  This will be a good start.  It will be important to know where you are located and the limit of your travel (in time & distance).


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Have steady "patients" and Doctors/Nurses who like to fulfill their fantasies. My "specialty" is in providing "newbies --- the curious" with an environment to experience their fantasy and to explore their curiosity without the fear of being rejected, laughed at, thought to be weird, etc. Many females are curious about becoming aroused during a GYN exam OR they want to be the Doctor/Nurse and find the man's prostate. I have helped them all . . .

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