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Should we swap and trade clothes?

A few friends (male and female) and I are considering to set up a circle where we swap, trade and wear other peoples clothes.

Should I do it?

What are the chances I could wear all girls clothes?

Sounds like some good chances actually.

From the sound of it, you are not open about wearing girl's clothes.
If this is correct...
things to remember:

1. If you feel uncomfortable and HAVE to explain something, the shorter the better.
Too many details is an obvious lie.

2. Let's say something fits...
try to check it's size
try to get its brand name
then... use the internet later!

3. Don't get defensive!
Let's say you put something on and friends say, "OMG you look so good!"
Ham it up! Enjoy it!
Being defensive is also a tell tale sign.

Hope this helps!



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