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Fetishism/Fetishm Problem of mine


I want to share my strange experience and want suggestions from users. This was started at a village. Once i went to my Grandpas' village and want to have a afternoon rest. I went upstairs where, my cousin live there. I saw her washed and unwashed clothes hanging there. Suddenly i have a pleasure. I started to smell and sniff her dresses including her Bra and panties. I never ever experienced that much of feel. I mastrubate and clean up with her Dress. After this event, everywhere i go, i'm supposed to search of any thing related to a girl's smell.
Once, i travelled in a train. On my opposite births, there was a couple. I think the lady was about 30 years old. She kept Jasmine flower in his head (likely every tamil girl). After a night full of sleep, i awake on morning and i found missing that couple. They must be leave on the previous station. At that time, i found a withered flower on their birth. I have a sudden tempt. So, i took that jasmine flower to bathroom and do mastrubate. Now only i found a hair on that jasmine flower. I lick and smell and sniff to make me hot.
Another time, i travelled in a bus, my previous seat passanger have the jasmine in her head. Till the morning i was waiting to collect the flower, when she throw out. But, by some evil's grace, ;) her handkerchief fall down. Suddenly i picked that. And after came home, i started myself to smell and sniff her kerchief. U dont believe that i really feel the girls smell. Such an Mindblowing Mastrubation Experience.
Now i want the suggestion of..Is this bad habit? I'm not disturbed any girl, not teased and not sexually harassed. Simply i make myself with her smell. Shall i want to change my this habit?

First thing to remember is every country's culture is entirely different from the other.
With that in mind, I am located in the USA.
I do not know the availability of information on the internet in your country but in honesty, what you have is a common fetish.
I think it has something to do with your body's reaction to the female pheromones.
It's as simple as that.

hope this helps



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