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Hello Jessica. I have a full on pantie fetish in fact I no longer wear boxers just panties.
 I can't help myself but when I'm visiting any females houses I just help myself to their dirty panties putting them on.1 part of me wants them to catch me but the other doesn't
It definitely arouses me in fact it the only way I can organs is whilst wearing panties.has it gone to far .help me.

I don't think you have gone too far. You just need some direction.

I don't own any male underwear anymore.
Haven't for at least 10 years.
I used to have thoughts long ago that I couldn't orgasm without (thing).
It's all in your mind.

Hope you are not stealing them from your female friends.
That's theft.

I would recommend (If you are not doing this already) in buying new pairs online for yourself.
The thought of knowing they are yours could help.
Also, they do sell used panties on ebay now.

The important thing I recommend is to keep it under control.
It should be a treat, not an addiction.



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