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Fetishism/Age Regression Fetish, And A Little Bit More


For 2-3 years I have age regression fetish. At least, I realized that I have this fetish 2-3 years ago. I am 14 years old(I am a male), and I achieve orgasm with the idea of an adult woman(or rarely, teen boys) who is in her 20s regressing to a 0-6 year range. If the person who is regressed doesn't respond this situation with shock, fear and embarassment, and if she doesn't be forced to wear diapers/training pants or doesn't have to wear diapers/training pants, I can't achieve orgasm with it. I am not pedophilia, I am sure about that, little kids don't turn me on. This comes to my mind in my free time and I can't resist to the urge to masturbate with these kind of thoughts and pictures of an adult woman regressing. I really want to get rid of this, because it is weird, but more than that, because of the fact that I am 14 I am not the age of having sex, and I don't watch porns too(I tried once or twice), but the thought of naked girls don't turn me on. I don't know if it will change when I grow up and have a real sex, but I worry about it. By the way, I should say that I am not gay or bisexual, I like girls, but I can't get aroused with the thought of girls being naked, or with watching porn. So I really want to get rid of this fetish, but I read this too, and some expert here had said that it is not a thing that needs to be supressed, but my situation is a little bit different as you can see:
I am sorry, if I did grammar mistakes, I am not a native speaker.

By your admitted age of 14, I am hesitant to reply in great detail.

However, what I can tell you is that if you are concerned about it - then stop thinking about it.

If however you prefer to think about it - then it only becomes a problem if it gets in the way of normal functioning.


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