Fetishism/spit fetish?


xenon69 wrote at 2006-10-17 13:01:41
hello I'm french, I have the same spit fetish.

I love to be spat on...But I will never spit on a girl.

She is the goddess and I'm the slave

diane tomkins wrote at 2008-02-11 16:15:35
hi my name is diane ,i live in manhattan nyc,41 bi, i have been with others into spit play or fetish, i tryed it many times if you are really into the person your with it can be exciteing,i have found it to be highly exciteing and at times i found it to be a bit gross,if your not open to it at the time or not really turn on by the person your with,my girlfriend is very much into this,we have tryed food exchange or spit swaping many times over the ten years we are together

john wrote at 2013-04-17 13:02:38
spit fetishes as i know.is erotic and hot when o can tell a submissive man to spit in my face and smear it in my face with his forearm while i am.having intercoursebeing on top of him roll playing with his body while im dominant. it can work both ways from a dominant to.a submussive spitting in my face.a guy spitting in my face is like white semen in my face.pleasant degrading

john jeremiah conroy wrote at 2014-12-12 16:06:54
i  am a  submussive guy that likes dominant men to spit in my face and smear thrir forearmin my face and get my face wet with.their spit. i have the guy roll on top of me andrubbing his cock into my cock while he wrestles and rolls on top of me on  the ground spitting in my face.i like young whiye and latino guys spitting in my face and smearing my face om a glass window. i  have young men in their 30s  spitting on a glass eindow and smearing my faceon  the glass and having me snort. the dry spit from the glass window while the guy is smearing my whole body against the glasdwith his pit while other guys are watchi.g.i kike oral given to me whole the guyis spittung in my face.aguygas  spit in my face and smearedmy face on thr hood of his truck

i like dominant guys to  spit in my face when they chrw cinnamon gum or drink beeram


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