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Fibromyalgia/Have had fibromyalgia for at least 20 yrs


QUESTION: I have had fibro since I was at least fifteen. I have cognitive issues, balance issues, tinitus, dry eyes and mouth, extreme muscle and joint and tendon pain. Almost to the point I dont want to be touched. I have been on almost every medication out there from anti depressants,  anti psychotics, seizure neds, muscle relaxants, narcotics etc. I am getting very little relief and the problems are getting worse. What suggestions would you have that I could try. I have no insurance. Cant afford to see any nore soecialists but I am desperate for help. Im tired of being a medication guinea pig. I would greatly appreciate anything that might help. I have always been active and I am not over weight.

ANSWER: Stacie,

I understand what you are going through. As a recovered fibromyalgia patient, I have been there. But I do believe there is hope.

Let me ask you a couple of questions. First, are you having any problems before your period such as moodiness, bloating, headaches, low energy, sleep changes, irritability, etc.? I believe that most FMS patients are low in progesterone. Go to and type in progesterone and fibromyalgia. In my clients, I see that it can help relax muscles, and help women feel a lot better. Check out Bezwecken Progon B. Dosage matters and is used day 14-28 of your cycle only.

Milk can be a big problem for those with chronic illness. I found years ago, when I left off milk, I felt a lot better. Today, I drink organic soy milk, rice milk or almond milk. Very tasty if you get the right one. Some even have trouble with  gluten. You might just do a trial run off milk first. Maybe after the holidays, try removing gluten completely. Wheat, rye, and spelt. Give it a few weeks. There are very good non-gluten breads, cookies, etc. already to eat. Check freezer section and health section in your grocery. Remember to take it all out. Read labels. This can be a non-medicine way to get a lot better.

I am a nutritional consultant, and I have seen many with FMS respond well to 5 HTP and L-theanine. Some even do better with SAM-e. These are sold over the counter. Calm Advantage is a product you might be able to get locally or on line and has 5 HTP and L-theanine in it. It retails for 20-25 dollars. This helps support good brain chemical production, which is often out of balance in FMS patients. I have not seen the negative side effects with the naturals.

Have you also tried magnesium citrate? It can really help the muscles feel better. Get the dosage right. Too much can cause loose bowel, but the right amount won't.

Blessings to you and your health. Keep working. There are things out there to help you feel better. Step up and study. No one is more interested in your health than you are.

Patricia Stephens, CNC
author of Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health, which is endorsed by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Medical Director of the National Fibromyalgia and Fatique Centers.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I absolutely have the worst pms ever. Lol No one wants to be around ne for 3 days before I start. Then once I start its almost an instant change. I have been working on eliminating wheat from my diet. I WILL try some of the other things you suggested. The doctor put me o n stuff. 5mg of klonopin 3 times a day. Within a day....I could tell a huge difference in my muscle pain although it isnt helping a bit with my joint pain. Also I notice my mood has improved dramatically.


I would like to suggest that you do some research on your PMS. First, let me ask if your joint pain is worse before your period?

As a nutritional consultant, I see so many women with PMS who respond positively with a little over the counter progesterone. It is not used all month, but just day 14-28 of your cycle. It can really even out those days before most women's periods. Go online and research Progon B (progesterone) by Bezwecken. Dosage is important. I start my clients on a low dosage and work up slowly. It is cracked between the teeth and dissolved under the tongue for greater benefit in most. Progesterone is the dominant hormone during the luteal phase, or the last two weeks of your cycle. When it is low, it can cause big trouble. Progesterone is also the calming hormone.

See if removing the wheat will stop the pain. I am not guaranteeing it, but I have seen it stop pain dead in its tracks. You won't know if that is you until you completely withhold it for a few weeks. Read labels.(It will be hard at Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

Blessings to you,

Patricia Stephens, CNC  


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