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QUESTION: I have such wide spread symptoms and I'm wondering if it could be fibromyalgia: chronic and extreme lower back pain, spine pain, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, anxiety, and for the past 3 nights I've had like restless legs that make it impossible to sleep. I have rx's for pain meds, stomach meds, psych meds, otc meds, etc. I feel like sometimes I can't have all these different things wrong with me, but they are all real and affecting my daily life. HELP!

ANSWER: Amy, Did you get my reply? I hit something on the keyboard, and my information went away. If you didn't get it, I will respond.

Patricia Stephens

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QUESTION: I'm sorry, no I did not get your reply... thank you for responding so quickly. I look forward to reading it!


I am sorry about the delay. I thought I had responded to this question.

I am not a doctor, but as a former fibromyalgia patient, I had all of your symptoms. So, it seems likely that you might have fibromyalgia. However, I don't recommend that people pursue that diagnose because I found doctors didn't really take me seriously as a patient again. That means that whenever anything was going on, they just said that is your fibro. Also, there are no great therapies to treat FMS.

How I regained my health was to work to balance my hormones, initially balanced brain chemistry and worked to clear some toxins out of my body. My symptoms basically went away.

I was also sensitive to some foods. Removing dairy and sugar helped a lot. I now sweeten with honey, stevia, xylitol or agave. Some see great changes by removing gluten grains. There are tasty, ready to eat replacements in the grocery stores.

Here are a couple of websites you can do some research on to see if you see some of your symptoms. I trust both of these companies, and use their testing where I work in natural medicine. I see a good correlation between identifying imbalances and correcting symptoms.

My heart goes out to you because I remember what you are dealing with. Start studying. Step up to become your own advocate for health. No one is more interested in your health that you are.

Patricia Stephens, CNC  


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