Hello i have fibromyalgia and everytime i wake up in the morning i feel like i had never even went to bed. Im so tired during the day and have no energy i feel like i could sleep all day. Ive tried taking vitamins to help my energy level but doesnt seem to work. I read that exercise is good for fibro but half the time i have no energy to exercise and when i do, afterwards my body is very sore, not like sore muscles but like body aches. Is there anything i can do or anything i can take to increase my energy level and to ease some of the symptoms due to fibromyalgia? Thank you so much for your time.


I have recovered from fibromyalgia, and really care that you feel your best.

Are you having any symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Go to and look at the symptoms on their site to see how many you have. Another good lab is The reason I am asking you to do this is the most important thing I have done to get well is to balance my hormones using safe plants. It took me a little work, but the work has restored my health and quality of life. Hormones are powerful messages and are precursors to important brain chemicals called dopamine, serotonin, and norepineprhine. Don't forget that when hormones are out of balance, a lot of symptoms can erupt depending on our uniqueness.

The other thing I did initially is balance my brain chemistry. What I believe that has been grossly overlooked in fibromyalgia patients, is doctors have not worked to improve other important naturally occurring brain chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine. Balancing these two was huge in the early days of my recovery.

Also, you might take a holiday from milk. Many with chronic health problems can't tolerate milk. There is good tasting almond or rice milk in the grocery stores, so you can still get the feel of milk. Butter is fine. Many tolerate cheese because it has a different protein. Many with chronic pain also don't tolerate gluten very well. There is a great tasting bread that is ready to eat in the grocery store freezer section called Udi's bread and bagels. I really like this bread. You might give it a try. You may do fine with rice and quinoa.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum likes the supplement ribose for energy. He recommends 5 mg. three times a day for a week. Then take 5 mg. once a day.

I believe there is a way out of this. Keep working. You will find the door.

Patricia Stephens, CNC
Author of Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health  


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