Fibromyalgia/brain ovoid lesion



I had an mri that showed 2 lesions one is ovoid, about 1 cm in size in the left centrum simovale
so my symptoms are numbness , sudden right tongue numbness and head pressure, tongue burning, throat sharp pain and difficulty swallowing and lower back pain....etc

The neurologist said MS is unlikely but can not really ruled it out completely
he did the pysical exam , eyes, walking sensation balance...etc , it was normal

so he concluded that i have fibromalgia

I am not sure if fibromalgia can cause all those scary painful symptoms that are making disable to do my daily life things for a while

I know it is a neurological issue but i am not sure if it is fibro, i think it is more serious, also cymbalta did not do anything

DO you have any natural herb or something for this disease or inflamation of the nervous system, i heard trumeric could help is it true


You might give turmeric a try. It is a wonderful, effective neutraceutical. I have seen it work many times in my 14 years as a nutritional consultant in a natural pharmacy were I serve. I have seen studies that it supports liver health, brain health and slows inflammation.

I want you to look at the bigger picture. Likely you have other symptoms that just a ovoid in the brain. If it was me, I would focus on other symptoms for now.

When I was sick with fibromyalgia, I had a couple neurological work ups. That did not lead to helping me feel better.

Here are a couple of websites I would like you to look at. See if you see yourself. If you do, work to correct imbalances in the endocrine system. It can make the most profound difference in your health. It is basically working to identify and correct endocrine imbalances. Do some homework. Don't trust that any one clinician will have all your answers.

Studying and praying is how I have moved from total disability to working for the past 14 years. My symptoms basically went away when I balanced my hormones. Imbalances can cause all kinds of symptoms.

If you are over 40, you can have many hormonal imbalances. The endocrine system is winding down as we hit 35-40 and up.   I don't make money off these sites, but use these tests where I work with great success. I don't take Internet clients.

Best of health to you.

Patricia Stephens, CNC  


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