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Straightforward are listed some problems I am facing. Not sure whom to contact. Hence sending you the issues.

I am 30 years male.

1. When I wake up in the morning I am very - very tired.
2. When sometimes I sneeze, there comes stars in front of my eyes like weakness.
3. In the daytime i.e. my normal work routine, most of the time I am also suffering from fatigue.
4. While I sleep at night (here are currently winters), I sweat a lot, I found that my blanket is a lot wet due to sweat.
5. Recently I developed this strange issue. I got itching over my entire body, in the evening. Night it is most, morning and daytime less severe.

I got some medical tests some 2-3 months earlier. The bad cholesterol was bit on the higher side.

Anyways, I come to you to seek advice what shall I do further to know what is happening to me? I am not able to understand the issue with me as of now.

Hi Ashis...the fatigue is a very common symptom of fibromyalgia, but the nightime sweating and visual phenomena when you sneeze are not commonly related to fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia's main symptom is all over aching/burning pain. I'm not a medical professional so of course I can't diagnose you...and even doctors shouldn't diagnose over the internet...but the nightime sweating could be many things. And I think it's an important symptom that should be investigated further. Ask your primary care doctor to refer you out to an endocrinologist to talk to about the sweating. I wish you all good luck on your journey to find a diagnosis.


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